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Next-Gen Firewalls

Lower TCO with High Availability and Scalable Security to Protect Users and Data with Centralized Management across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Systems. 

- Granular Application Control
- Intrusion Prevention
- URL Filtering
- TLS/SSL Decryption
- Advanced Malware Protection
- Gateway Anti-Virus
- Proxies
- High Performance Decryption
- Application Layer Exfiltration Protection

Dedicated Web Security

· Hardware Based: High Throughput Hardware that can Securely Manage SSL Traffic without impacting performance. Onsite Hardware has the ability to add functionality to Reporting, Bandwidth Control, Sandboxing, Private Access, DLP and more.

· Cloud Based: Eliminate Hardware expenses and stop all threats (Including SSL/TLS traffic) before they reach the network and before any sensitive information leaves your network.

· Hybrid: Provides the benefit of onsite hardware for specific features, yet eliminates the need to backhaul data for mobile users.  Easily Scalable and Uniform Protection for all Users at any location with any device.